You’re probably wondering, who is Fanica Rarinca to write a book about Forgiveness?

I’m an ordinary person.

Throughout my life, I have often been to religious services and learned a great deal about forgiveness from sermons and religious books that I have read.

But that’s not the reason I wrote…

Here’s a motivational affirmation.

Is it? Or is it not?

When you’re stress-free, you find it the most beautiful slogan and you think it is easy to dedicate yourself to it.

But when you’re gripped by the pressure of doubt for what you’re doing, since the results don’t come out…

By the summer of 2008, I was a super-stressed and money-free teacher. I lived in the Hostel of a High School and had a derisory rent, yet it was hard for me to pay it.

It was July, I had just received my salary for the whole summer and I…

Fanica Rarinca

I am a Romanian blogger writing about emotional trauma and other self-help subjects. I am also an author, and I published both self-help and fantasy books.

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