By the summer of 2008, I was a super-stressed and money-free teacher. I lived in the Hostel of a High School and had a derisory rent, yet it was hard for me to pay it.

It was July, I had just received my salary for the whole summer and I was already almost on zero because I spent it without measure.

Back then, I didn’t have much knowledge about money or other blockages or how to get results. I used to borrow from one paycheck to another because I never had enough.

I used to spend my money on a lot of trifles and I had no control. Usually, when summer came and I took the money for a vacation, I would buy clothes, purses and matching shoes, books, and more things that I don’t remember.

I did the same thing that summer. I only stopped when I realized that I had far too little money left and certainly didn’t reach my salary in October.

I wanted to look for a part-time job to work in my summertime. The bad part was I didn’t really know what to look for.

I took the papers and started looking for job offers, but there was almost nothing that suited me. After all, all I knew was to be a teacher. That’s what I learned in college, that’s what I was preparing for, and I had no idea what I could have tried to do.

But I knew that if I didn’t get a summer job quickly, I’d run out of money and had nothing to live with until October.

I was freaking out about myself. Some people also had family and children to support on a single salary, and when the summer holidays came with the holiday money they would go to the sea or on a trip.

I had to look for work because I had far too little money left to survive. I felt terrible. I had a debt pattern.

I was always behind on paying for my phone subscription, paying the rent, and I was arguing with the hostel accountant for late payment, for which she charged me penalties, and she also kept telling me everything I was doing wrong. Sometimes I would want the earth would crack and swallow me, instead of accepting to be treated like that. But I had no choice, but to listen to all the nagging with a deep sense of guilt and an urge to find excuses.

I often borrowed from colleagues and felt like I was a beggar, that I had to humiliate myself, tell them every time why I didn’t have enough money, what did I spend my salary on, and assure them that they would get it back on my next salary.

Of all the offers in the paper, I chose to be an advertiser. I knew what that meant. I had tried a year earlier, just like that, fleetingly, to no result. I thought I’d try it again.

The problem was that I had to go out on the field, from one store to another from one firm to another, talk to the owners and convince them to advertise through that publication, Yellow Pages.

They could only advertise with a minimum of 6 euros, or with black-and-white and even color cassettes. The color and largest size, posted on the page with the highest views, with the best positioning cost 125 euros.

I got an area and started to go and ask to talk to the owner, the store manager of the company. A lot of times they weren’t there, I found just a saleswoman and I was either telling her and she was on the phone with the owner, or I was coming back at another time. Most of the time the answer was no.

I didn’t even dare to promote the 125-euro box. I was only promoting the minimum value of 6 euros and my voice was trembling every time. I got a lot of NO.

It was July, it was hot, and I sweated like a piglet, often hungry I was walking down the street, from one firm to another in the hope that someone would sign up. There were days when I couldn’t make any sign-ups. I got a lot of no answers. But I had given my word that I was going out on the field to do my job, so I didn’t take it personally. And I had no choice.

But I felt frustrated. Hunger was creeping around. I had days when I managed to eat two or three pretzels, or in the evening I’d make myself a tomato salad and that’s about it. There were days when I was starving in the truest sense of the word.

Then, after a couple of weeks of consistent rejections, a miracle happened. I arrived at a dental clinic and in the first dental practice I entered, the doctor was so excited about the offer that he immediately signed up a contract and gave me the money.

Then Dr. Liviu Harnagea went with me from one practice to another and recommended me to the rest of the dentists. More than three-quarters of the dentists signed a 6-euro promotion contract. I was super excited about what I did. I remember walking home and I started to say a prayer of gratitude in my mind, and every word of prayer vibrated in my heart and warmed it.

After I finished signing up the contracts with the dentists of the dental clinic Dr. Liviu Harnagea told me to go to the other dental clinics in town, tell them that he sent me to them, and recommended that they sign up for this publication. It was a very good plan, but I had another problem.

In order to approach the dentists in the other dental clinics, I had to enter the action territory of other colleagues who were covered their territory working. I went to the advertising firm, give the boss the contracts and the cash I got and I talked to him about the new problem. He told me there was no problem, at all. I could approach the doctors, even if they were on the territory of other colleagues.

So, I went to all the dental and medical clinics in the city and I had signed many advertising contracts for 6 euros.

In August, when the payment day came, I received more than half of the value of my teacher salary, obtained from advertising contracts.

Then I was confident that I could do it and I also promoted the black and white and color advertising box, and a lady from a printing press accepted the contract for the 125-euro box. So, I also got money in September from those advertising contracts.

After the school year started, I was no longer able to handle that activity. The responsibilities of an educational counselor in the school required a lot of my personal time and effort.

A year after that, I met with a colleague and he asked me. What did you do to those doctors that so many of them signed up for you? I didn’t know to answer, at that time.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I understood what really happened.

After another two years I became acquainted with books, CDs, and personal development seminars, doing other summer activities, only that one changed me for good.

One of the principles I learned was that perseverance can bring you results that you do not foresee from the first No you receive, neither the second nor the third. No one can tell you exactly how long it will take to succeed. No one can tell you how many NO answers you have to get before you get results, because the situation is different from person to person.

But the higher your resistance to NOs, the greater the chance that the next YES will counterbalance all the no you got.

It’s the Power of Perseverance.

This practice of perseverance is the basis of who I am today.

What have I achieved over time by practicing perseverance?

· I’ve read over 150 personal development books

· I wrote a personal development blog where I posted over 200 articles

· I wrote and published three books, the last of them is a four-volume novel

· I published a book on Amazon.

· I overcome many of the blockages that hold me back by persistently doing EFT and NLP exercises

· I became a more disciplined person.

· I’ve learned to manage my money and even save money, so that month after month I’ll be on top with the money and I don’t have to borrow from my friends because I can’t get enough money.

What can you get if you’re persistent?

Fanica Rarinca, blogger, Fanutodidact, author of: Patronel and Soriela, Eliberează-te de rănile trecutului și redescoperă fericirea!, Mica Stea Portocalie

I am a Romanian blogger writing about emotional trauma and other self-help subjects. I am also an author, and I published both self-help and fantasy books.